Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I really took my time to think about this post. I am not out to hurt anyone’s feelings and I don’t want anybody to get the wrong idea. The whole idea about this post all started when Da grin passed on, you could see how much people loved him and how much they wished they could bring him back.

For someone who had only one hot album throughout his entire career, it was simply unbelievable that he could generate such a cultlike following and garner so much respect from everybody, especially in the music industry.

Whenever I go out these days, I hear Da grin’s music pumping out from speakers and then I ask myself, what if it was someone else? Maybe artist A or artist B, then I came up with this list. I could have called it “5 artistes people won’t miss like Da grin”, but you know what they say about one man’s meat been another man’s poison, so here is my own list……feel free to create yours.

  1. KONGA – What has Konga offered us except some gibberish, which we don’t understand and only he does? If something tragic was to happen to him, nobody will miss him safe for his family members and close friends. Radio stations will find it difficult to play his music as his hit single “baby konga” cannot be aired and they can’t possibly put his collabo with tuface “jawon si” on repeat.

  1. SOUL E – Apart from Soul E’s music not been I pod worthy material; his lifestyle is also nothing to write home about. One minute he is a gigolo who is madly in love and the next minute he claims to be a pastor with his own ministry. Just when you come this close to believing him, he is back making music no one wants to listen to. If this dude kicked the bucket, I am sure that nobody will play his songs on the radio except someone pays them to.

  1. RAYAN T – Is Rayan T alive? It’s been like a minute since dude put out any music, if he should miss in action now, nobody will notice. A lot of DJs will have to dig really deep in their crates to find his CD while a lot of people will not even remember who he was.

  1. AZADUS – Wherever Azadus is right now, I seriously hope he doesn’t die of hunger. What is he even doing for a living? It’s clearly not music because if he puts out an album now, nobody will notice. So it is quite easy to figure out what will happen if he should……….(you know what I mean)

  1. EDDY MONTANA – This man is so irrelevant right now that you will have to go all the way back to the “shakomo” era just to remember him. If Eddy was to take a trip to the pearly gates, who will miss him apart from his family, his ex wife (not so sure about his in laws though), his kids and (maybe) his ex remedies group members?

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