Friday, May 7, 2010


Yes, Da grin is dead and gone. As unbelievable as that is, that is the bitter truth. We will never hear from one of naija’s most talented artistes again. Ever since he died, radio stations and DJs nationwide have not stopped playing his songs and you can almost feel everyone’s pain. As for me I have not been able to shake away that feeling of loss and I just can’t stop crying anytime I hear his songs. What I am actually worried about right now is the attitude of his colleagues and acquaintances (I will not call them friends). Each and every one of them is going around talking about what they will do for Da grin’s family and how they will keep Da grin’s name alive forever but the truth is nobody is actually doing anything.

PMAN even went as far as saying they will cover the burial expenses, blah blah blah, yada yada yada. At this point in time PMAN is a rudderless ship and whatever they say can’t be taken seriously so we can just forget about them. Now this is meant for all the artistes and entertainment personalities that promised heaven and earth (who will probably not do anything at the end of the day). Here is what I think they can do for the late CEO.

A couple of successful artistes (we know who you are & you know yourselves) should contribute 100 grand each for his family (family here means the boy’s mother), which is not much compared to what most of them make per show. I can think of 25 naija artistes right now who can do that easily. It is not compulsory but at least those who can do it should do it.

A musical concert featuring naija’s finest should be held in his honor and all the proceeds from the ticket sales should be given to his family. Who wouldn’t want to go to a show where at least 10 of the current chart topping artistes will be performing? I am sure a lot of telecom companies, banks and multinationals will be queuing up to sponsor this.

All the artists who featured the late Da grin on their songs recently before his untimely death should give his record label Missofunyin entertainment permission to include such songs on a compilation CD (something like a biggie duets) as part of their contribution to the Da grin lives on movement. Sales from the CD will contribute immensely to the well being of the family he left behind. Sales will be split between his family and his record label.

There are numerous ways in which this can be done but the only thing I can think of right now is for HHWA to rename one of their awards and dedicate it to him, since he was nominated in 4 categories and won’t be there to pick any one up. The Da grin award for best rap album should be a good choice, at least for his contribution to the naija hip hop game.

There are a lot of Da grin fans who would actually love to do something for his family but won’t be able to for a number of reasons which I won’t be discussing here. To carry the fans along, the perfect set up will be a scenario where the fans can donate money for his family via their phone lines. For example, text CEO to 324746 to support Da grin, Texts costs 50 naira only will make it easier for his fans nationwide to show their love for their revered icon.

In the mean time, keep the naija hip hop flag flying at half mast for the fallen soldier.

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