Tuesday, May 26, 2009


BODY AND SOUL-Plantashun boiz
This was the album that started it all,when the trio of blackface,tuface & faze dropped "body & soul" there was no such thing as naija R&B.propelled by hit singles like knock me off,ememma,if life,you & i e.t.c body & soul became an instant collectors item and was on top of the Nigerian charts for months on end.till date no one has succeeded in duplicating this classic album.

What sunny neji did with this album was show us that with a lot of experience,you can make a solid R&B album without breaking a sweat."unchained" was an album for everybody.from kids to old folks,no one was left out.with hit singles like idemnobo,oruka,face me & tolotolo mr fantastik had the whole nation under a spell.simply put "unchained" was sunny neji at his peak laying down the blueprints of naija R&B.

For those who don't know "face 2 face" was the debut album of the most talented artiste in Nigeria,possibly Africa.the only Nigerian album to ever produce a world wide hit(african queen) which topped musical charts from coast to coast.with hit singles like "ole,nfana ibaga,keep on rocking,you no holy pass,right here & the afore mentioned african queen" the album sold over 2 million copies and won awards too numerous to mention.

If not for mary slessor,we would have missed out on this great album.a lot of people might not know it but peter & paul's sophomore album had a massive impact on the naija R&B scene & the whole naija music industry(video wise).almost every song on this album was a hit.songs like bizzy body,get squared,temptation,omoge mi & your love deservedly put p square on top."get squared" positively changed the naija R&B scene continentally and globally.

The magic started immediately paul play realized that papa na papa,pikin na pikin and stepped out of his father's shoes which was becoming too big for him to fill.hitsville was a straight forward R&B album(unadulterated).The album which spurned hit singles like "angel of my life & forever" made paul play a household name in Nigeria and raised the bar for naija R&B.This album made people realize that it was possible to make R&B just like the pioneers & the kings of R&B.

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