Thursday, May 28, 2009


So durella won 5 mil on advance warning,that's good for his career as long as he puts it to good use and stops making it rain in the zanga.who would have thought he will come this won't believe it but the first time i heard durella singing was in a yoruba movie {can't remember the title right now}.that was before ruggedman featured him on "jusile".Durella winning advance warning now shows that once you are talented you will eventually get noticed & probably make it.there are a lot of upcoming artistes out there but the 10 artistes listed below are the ones you really have to watch out for.

1.Oluwe - Being talented is one thing,being a pioneer is another.oluwe is in a world of his own.when you mix apala with hiphop,oluwe is what you get.what this guy is doing is unheard of in the naija music industry & its only a matter of time before he hits the mainstream.his debut album "happy day" is slowly & steadily winning critical acclaim.

2.Kaha - Only 2 artistes have succeeded in killing 2face on a track.kaha happens to be 1 of them,the other being 9ice.When you are on a track with someone as talented as tuface & you manage to stand out,you are definitely good.Kaha's "heartrobber" got decent rotation on tv & radio stations.being a good songwriter is what makes him stand out.

3.Cyrus da virus - You can't help but wonder why cyrus hasn't blown up,this guy has been around for long.he can spit in pidgin & english tight as his debut album was,it didn't get the expected reception.probably due to bad marketing.i think it is high time cyrus moves down to Lagos.(there has to be a way he can rule benin from gidi)

4.Da grin - Successor to the throne of lord of ajasa,(aremo)awaiting king of yoruba rap.what more can i say about da grin,from "rap rules anthem" to "pon pon pon" every track this guy has laid his vocals on has been outstanding.anytime he spits,he comes correct.his debut album is one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2009.

5.Kel - At last,here comes someone to make sasha look over her say kel is nice on the mic is an understatement.kel is awesome on the mic!!!!.her single "wa waa alright" was hot and we can't help but patiently wait for her debut album.with the music industry in urgent need of female mcs,kel's coming is perfect timing.we only pray & hope she can live up to the hype.

6.Illbliss - Dat ibo boy has shown us what he can do on "U go wound,aiye po gan & shayo(remix)" & with thoroughbred foundations i don't see how ill can go wrong.from what his other ibo brothers(2shotz,nigga raw & ruggedman)have done in the industry it will be foolish to underestimate him.
lyrically illbliss can go head to head with the best of them and with him embracing his roots,he will definitely be a force to reckon with in the near future.

7.M.P - Mr pasa pasa is presently doing it big and will probably do it bigger in the years to come."pasa pasa & no dull yourself" has given him the much needed credibility and recognition. hopefully he can use that as a platform to build up his career in the naija music industry.from what we have heard from M.P so far,it is clear to see that he knows what naija people want to hear & will keep giving it to them.

8.Kelly hansome - The first time you hear kelly's "maga don pay",you feel it is a rip off of yahoozee,but after listening to his debut album you realized that he is as talented as your favorite artiste and might be the one to breathe new life into kennis music.his hit single "like play" is steadily rising on the charts.been on the most hated record label in Nigeria hasn't done him much good but with keke & d1 throwing all their weight behind him,he will definitely have a huge & successful career.

9.General pype - Who is pype?(very simple)Pype is naija's sean paul.the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this guy is:what is sean paul doing on this track.this guy caught everybody unawares.presently pype is the only one keeping the flag flying for reggae in the naija music exceptionally talented artiste who has what it takes to resurrect reggae in Nigeria.

10.Terry G - If you didn't know terry g b4,by now you should,unless you are living under a only have to turn on the radio these days to hear terry g.this guy is on almost every hot song out there.infact once you have terry g on your song,it will probably be a major advantage he has over all the others is his production skills.though his debut album "free me" performed below expectation,terry still has everything going for him.

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