Saturday, May 16, 2009


Is terry G naija's T-pain?he is on almost every hot track out there.

Am i the only one who thinks rasqie might have a hit on his hands with "mukoko"?

Wouldn't it be great to hear Durella & D bang on the same song?

How come keke & D1 are still together,shouldn't D1 have his own record label by now?

Did 2face's unstoppable flop?

What exactly were those boys thinking of when they named themselves bracket?

Isn't it bad enough that sheyman & dr pat made a lewd song,why go all out acting it on stage?

How rich is bongos ikwe & how many records did he sell back in the days,cos personally i think buying a fish for 5 million naira requires major coins.

Where is kash 11?

Who really cares how much bouqui made the video of "morile"?

In what part of Nigeria do they call a guy omo ele?or was justina drunk when she was recording "omo 2 sexy"?.

Is it safe to say that dreams don't come true in this part of the world,GT da guitarman is yet to blow up?

When will 9ice wake up from his bad dream?is it really possible for him to feature wyclef,lil wayne & akon on his sophomore album?

If 9ice finally succeeds in having wyclef,lil wayne & akon on his album,will he change the album title from tradition to sweetest girl?

when will dj zeez tell us what ofokasibe really means?

Was pretty of junior & pretty fame on drugs when he said naija hip hop started in his bedroom?

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  1. i am feeling this blog big tyme.
    well done.