Friday, May 1, 2009



They say you can't write down what you didn't read in an exam unless you cheat and ruggedman has run out of cheat moves.he has only one more move to make & he knows this like i know it.It ain't hard to see that ruggedy is in deep shit(excuse my french).mode is going hard at him,illbliss is dissing him subliminally,M.I is killing every beat in sight and jaffar & company have left is 2009 & the rugged one has become irrelevant in the rap game,rugged records exist only on paper & nobody is wearing 20th what is his next move?

Storm records is not interested in him as they already have their hands full.he doesn't have a hot single so obaino didn't give him a deal.he won't sign under olu maintain (kentro) or eedris(lakreem) cos he already dissed them and they are now better off than him.ikechukwu is gravitating towards mohits which makes it impossible for him to go there.Am i the only one who thinks ruggedman is about to join kennis music,i saw this dude @ D1's birthday bash and with the way he was kissing keke & d1's ass all wouldn't need a soothsayer to tell you he was begging for a record deal.i thought he hated them or couldn't stand the sight of them(i remember big bros & peace or war vividly incase y'all forgot).i know there is a thin line between love & hate but we have to draw the line somewhere.

How did ruggedman get to this point.if you ask me i will say ruggedy fell off in 3 phases.

1.Ehen pt 1:The major problem with dissing people is that you have to stay true to your words(keep it real) & you have to be extremely better than whoever you diss.sadly ruggedy does not fit this profile.ever since ruggedy made ehen pt 1 he has been steadily retrogresing.he never made ehen pt 2 & he couldn't even pull off a joint album with faze.Eedris has been waxing stronger ever since & olu maintain is living large courtesy of yahoozee so it is safe to say ehen pt 1 destroyed ruggedy more than his frenemies.

2.Ruggedy baba (sophomore album):Having only one hot song on an highly anticipated album is never a good look,infact it is totally unforgivable especially when you are claiming to be the best.ruggedy totally ethered himself on this one,he had his one & only chance to claim naija's rap throne & he lost it.

3.Modenine's deathblow:Let's not get carried away and overhype was more of an uppercut than a knockout.though ruggedy is on the ground,we have not counted to 10 yet.this is quite similar to sam peter vs vladimir,sam went into that fight without proper training & see what happened to him.the fact is ruggedy got too comfortable that he didn't see this coming.he still hasn't recovered from the blow enough to give mode a proper response.did i hear you say "banging"!!!.guy,ko banging si mi leti o....the hunter just became the hunted.

A lot of industry peeps dislike him cos he came into the game too easily & got too cocky.they say in the land of the blind,a one eyed man is king.with the emergence of exceptionally talented rappers on the naija rap scene.the public just realized that ruggedman was a one eyed prince and thus started his downward spiral into oblivion.

Karma is a bitch and ruggedman is about to get fucked,he has only one more move to make before time runs out.whatever he does next will determine a lot,in short it will determine everything.this might just be the beginning of the end for the rugged one.

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