Thursday, April 23, 2009


When the history of naija hip hop is written in years to come,when we are all dead and will be written in two parts-naija hip hop before amplifyd & after amplifyd.i know a lot of you would be wondering right now who or what amplifyd is.let me break it down for you

Amplifyd is a Nigerian hip-hop group based in maryland,U.S and they are about to take over the Nigerian/African music industry.I am talking hostile takeover here,i mean on a whether you like am or you no like am basis.The group is made up of Biola pedro(B-easy),Muyiwa Olorunfemi(Myth) & Temie olley(DJ TnT).though very little is known about them in Nigeria,they have a massive fan base in yankee & they have been around for quite a long time.I really don't like giving props to naija artistes in diaspora cos i always feel like they have the upper hand over our home bred know better production,packaging, e.t.c. but i have to make an exception here.iam not going to front amplifyd can only be described in one word(DOPE).

When you think of good music,think of amplifyd.A lot of people will remember them for their hit single "naija until i die" which featured Eldee or their NEA award winning song "Wetin man go do",but amplifyd have been dropping nothing but hits since 06.the story began with "ju idi" and since then they have kept the heat turned up with tracks like "shakara,tell dem,best friend,brand new day,who we are & naija girls".one look at the quantity & quality of hits they have amassed over the years and you will know that these guyz ain't playing.

With their sophomore album "GBEDUCATION" about to hit stores,its only a matter of time before they have the game on lockdown.Tracks like "Disco peperempe,i can't shout & babi babi" from the album are already getting major spins on radio stations nationwide while recently released tracks like "why(featuring Banky W)" & the highly anticipated "Big girls" which was inspired by the yoruba hit movie "JENIFA" and produced by ID cabasa are also expected to be on the album.

what makes amplifyd stand out is their work ethic, creativity,originality and uniqueness.

Click here to watch their video for I CAN"T SHOUT/WHY

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  1. Bros are you friends with Amplifyd, or maybe, (an even better question), are you one of the Amplifyd crew?

    I like Amplifyd a lot. Some of their songs are funny and somewhat refreshing. (re: Babi Babi, I can't shout and to some extent Disco Pemperempe)

    But we all know that they aren't as good as you're hyping nawwww...slow down abeg...