Thursday, April 16, 2009


This is where the story ends,artistes who are equally good but didn't make top 10

Cyrus da virus:The self proclaimed rap king of Benin is undeniably hot but he is just too hard for peeps out here."1000 naira" is his only single to have made a remarkable impact.

M.I:Mr incredible is truly incredible & on his album he said "iam not saying i am the best,iam just asking who is better".thank God he never said he was the best cos na for there fight for start.iam sorry to dissappoint jude but there are at least 10 mcs in the game better than him.Agreed he had a great album but the fact remains that he doesn't have a single hit.that is the only thing left to take him to the pinnacle.

Gino:Gino can actually flow but "no be God" never hit the mainstream.

Modenine:3 mixtapes,1 album(one amongst many),no mass appeal.when you are in 2009 & you start rapping like its the 80s,you are definitely gonna run into problems.mode has been firing blanks ever since he started & resorting to beef at this critical time of his career is not the best thing.

Alaye:There is no kind of temptation that will get this guy into the top 10.

Terry Da Rapman:Na beanz to enter top 10.

OD:Overdose ko,overdose ni.comot for road make we hear word.

Illbliss:Until his album drops we will give him enough space.

Dr Fresh:"Osho bam bam,heavyweight champion" ***shakes head***

Sauce Kid:"money long" was over hyped.nothing special.

Ikechukwu:Are you kidding me!

Alabai:3 hot cameos,1 single,no album!!!!!!!,(DUD)

Kel:great potential & 1 single is not enough.

Big lo:is big lo a rapper?

Da grin:Lord of ajasa's mini me,great potential,couple of singles,no album!!!!!

Blaise:Worth mentioning,hot cameos but unfortunately no album!!!!!

**Bouqui: **Rooftop mcs:

**-Bouqui & Rooftop mcs are really good at what they do but can't make top 10 cos they are gospel artistes & can't be compared.

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