Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I want to say a big thank you to everybody reading my blog,sorry to dissapoint you but there will be no countdown today.i know most of you were expecting no 5,but i have decided to make this more interesting.before i tell you what will happen let me post some quick replies to some mails i got.

Drtxhuke@mail.com- you are too arrogant.
- when you are as good as iam,its no longer arrogance

maxwell534@yahoo.com - you think you are the best.
- i don't think i am the best,i know i am the best.there is a big difference between thinking and knowing.

Now this is what will happen,i will resume posting mic check:top 10 in three days time.on good friday i will be giving out ten grand(#10000) to any one who can rightly guess my top 5 in the correct order.what you need to do is send me your top 5,name & email and if you are right you win #10000.let the games begin.see you on good friday

NB:i know #10000 small but that is all i can afford.

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