Friday, April 17, 2009


Like a perfect gentleman,i would like to apologize to all those who felt offended by my top ten countdown.never knew my top ten will generate so much interest & controversy.i have been getting all sorts of mails and some people even went as far as cursing & raining abuses on hard feelings,its all good.

For those who don't know,a blog is for expressing your views & that is what iam doing,if you are mad at that,go and start your own blog.

if you are mad that iam right,wish me wrong
if you are mad that iam on top,wish me gone
if you are mad that iam on the road,wish me home
but after your 3 wishes,blow it out ya head

A lot of people criticised my ratings.just so you know,the ratings was based on how successful an artist has been,how many hits he/she has,what impact he/she has made in the music industry.

i am so pro-Nigerian that i made sure that everyone on my top ten can spit/flow in either yoruba,hausa,igbo or pidgin.spitting in english is also an added if you can find an artiste who meets all these standards & wasn't on my list.let me know

I believe any naija rapper worth his salt should be able to flow in his mother tongue.

ruggedman said it best on ruggedy baba
"wetin go make them know where you come from
na the fusion of grammar you slang in your mother tongue"

my top ten > Modenine,M.i,saucekid,ikechukwu,(fill in the gap).
if you take away everyone on my list from the rap industry,there will be nothing left(simple arithmetic).so until mode or m.i make a ruggedy baba or kini big deal type of song,they will never be mentioned in the same breath as ruggedman or naeto c.

some said i should have called it top 10 most successful/influential rappers in Nigeria.others said i should have called it top 10 indigenous rappers in Nigeria,but i chose to call it mic check-top 10 rappers in Nigeria and i owe no one an apology.

I am AYX & i rep 9ja to the fullest.what you have there is my top ten,hate it or love it.

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