Sunday, January 10, 2010


100 posts ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!
100 posts,they wish they could write like me ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!
100 posts,they wish they knew me ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!
100 posts,they scared of me ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!
100 posts,Who else blogs like me? ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!
100 posts,They running their mouths ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!
100 posts,70 countries,they be like what is he talking about ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!
Enough of that,ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!

How time flies, seems like yesterday when i started this blog and glory be to God, it's been all good and by God's grace it will keep getting better. Who would have thought i would still be here today.

To make this day special, I am going to do something i have never done before.

In the words of Da grin....
Eni wa mi ti,ani ri ogun nibo lo lo.

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