Sunday, January 3, 2010


I know a lot of people are already waiting for the 9jahiphop awards. the time is finally here and as from tomorrow, i will start naming the winners. i thought i should let you know how i came up with the nominees and how i am going to pick the winners. Actually i didn't pick the nominees all by myself, i did it with the help of 12 people(whose identity will not be revealed) from the music industry. These same 12 special people will be the judges along with me, which makes it 13 of us,so there can never be a tie in the voting.

The special 12(S12) include

1.A renowned DJ
2.A record label executive
3.A female recording artiste
4.A male recording artiste
5.A producer
6.A video director
7.A music TV presenter
8.A retailer/marketer
9.A music magazine editor
10.An A&R director
11.An hip hop analyst
12.A song writer

This is definitely going to be fun. just sit back and enjoy yourself.

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