Friday, January 29, 2010


Mo cheddah

M.I – Kind of unbelievable that Jude abaga has only been in the game for a year plus. The level of success he has achieved with his debut album “talk about it” and his mixtape “illegal music” within this short time frame has solidified his status among the elites of naija rap. Coupled with the numerous collabos he has already amassed, it is quite possible to forget that he is a rookie.

Kel -  Capital hill’s finest showed just how much of an investment she really was with her debut album “the investment” which spawned the hit singles “too fine” & “waa wa alright”. Nowadays she has her hands full with guest appearances on almost every major album out there.

Oluwe – This back to black entertainment point man proved to all and sundry that being exceptionally talented & original was all anyone needed to blow up. With his hybrid mash up of Apala and hip hop, he succeeded in getting to that height where other rookies like him failed to reach in 2009.

Mo cheddah – The first lady of knighthouse exploded on the scene with the part she played in knighthouse’s monstrous hit single “the finest” and ever since she has refused to let go of her hold and has further more made her intentions known with her own single “if you want me”.

And the winner is….


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