Saturday, January 23, 2010


Talk about it-M.I
Mushin to mohits-Wande coal
Undareyted-Dare art alade
Everything remains raw-Dat nigga raw

There can only be one album of the year and looking at our nominees, whose album fits the bill? we have 2 R&B albums and 2 Rap albums. I am supposed to just go straight forward and tell you the winner but for those who missed my previous posts about these albums, catch up.....

Wande coal’s Mushin to mohits – We all suspected that wande had talent but we never knew how much until he released his debut album “M2M”. From popular hit singles like “taboo”, “you bad”, “bumper to bumper” to less popular ones like “se ope”,  “kiss your hands”, “who born the maga” & “that’s whats up”, M2M turned out to be the best album of the year.(damn!!!,I said it)

Dare art alade's Undareyted – One of the better albums of 2009. This album totally lived up to expectations spurning hit singles like “no stars”, ”more”, style na style” & “not the girl”. It would appear that darey was more focused on his sophomore album than his debut album where he tried to please everyone at the same time.

Dat nigga raw’s Everything remains raw – Classic is the only word with which nigga raw’s sophomore set can best be described. Who else can boast of seven straight singles in one album, especially a rap album. It is quite rare to listen to a naija album without skipping any song. From start to finish, this LP was pure heat, straight up fire. Singles like the Duncan mighty assisted “ko gbadun”, “ strong & mighty”, “shake una bodi”, “do am so” & “in love with an angel” made this album extra hot.

MI’s Talk about it – If there was one album that was talked about all year round, it was this choc city representer’s debut. Although it was quietly released with minimal expectations, it was eventually blown up by well crafted songs like the lead single “talk about it”, “anoti”, “safe” & “crowd mentality” and the quality of jude abaga’s lyrics.

And the winner is.....


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