Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Recently the NBC(Nigerian broadcasting corporation) banned some songs and videos from being broadcasted in Nigeria,and everybody was like why are they banning this or that song.when i first heard i thought it was a publicity stunt from NBC,just to remind us that they still exist or they were just showing off,but it turns out they were banning by popular demand.The fact is they don't just ban songs for no reason,if your song got the axe then something is definitely wrong with your song.the only thing wrong is that these songs & videos were banned six months or in some cases a year after the release,it makes you wonder what the hell they were doing since(that is naija for you).before we look at songs & videos recently banned,lets check out the earlier works banned in Nigeria.

Bang,bang,bang-Femi kuti
Kerewa-Zule zoo
Baby konga-konga


Dance for me-Duncan mighty
The problem with duncan mighty is that he keeps forgetting he is in Nigeria.all that stuff he does might be acceptable in Jamaica but definitely not acceptable here.

Enter the place-Tuface
If tuface was still on kennis,this wouldn't have happened!there is really nothing bad about enter the place(video & audio).the only thing i suspect warranted this was that particular line where he said"girl,i wan make you let me enter the place,make we see whether you no go carry belle too".i always knew that was gonna get him in trouble.

Maga don pay-Kelly hansome
Maga don pay=crime pays.funny enough,they never banned yahoozee.kelly's song pales in comparison to the gulliest track repping naija's bad side(osuofia's "i go chop your dollar").the only thing wrong with this track is its blatant promotion of internet fraud.

Suddenly-D banj
This one should have been banned from day 1.this was dbanj at his best making a hit song the only way he knows.dbanj & mohits special hit recipe-you make a good song then sprinkle it with a little bit of lewdness.that o** yato si o** line was outrageous(too raw).

Close to you-Mo hits
This one must have been banned because of that gbadun koboko line.in reality that was a bit disgusting,it is clear to see that d banj doesn't really have much to offer in terms of lyrical content.

Rigi Rigi & Nwa baby-Flavours
These songs definitely deserved to be banned,but they had to do this to make it look like they weren't picking on popular artistes.if flavour wasn't there it would look way too suspicious.

Question:was banning all these popular songs a way to make money?
Maybe they were just thinking like:look at dbanj,that boy is eating glo money & banky is swimming in etisalat money but they ain't reaching out to us.we need to get a piece of the action.(just kidding)
but let's look on the bright side,this will make most of the artistes step up their writing game e.g Dbanj,maybe from now on,they will start taking time to compose their songs and stop feeding the masses wobbish.


1.Bobbee fc-Dj zeez
Personally i love this song but that doesn't change the fact that it is bad.bobbee what!!!!you can't be serious.

2.Yahoozee-Olu maintain
Like the yoruba's say "ofin to mu elegun,lo mu eleha".if maga don pay gets banned,yahoozee must go"

3.Hotter than fire-Sheyman/dr pat
Sheyman was using Dbanj's special hit recipe here and it worked for him.does this guy think we were born yesterday,who doesn't know what kondo olopa means.

4.E dey pain-zule zoo
Zule zoo should be banned for at least a year.these guys are getting worse by the hour.what exactly do you want to remove that is manageable?

5.Sensimilla-Mad melon & mountain black
The greatest weed song to ever come out of Nigeria.(sorry m.i,blaze was too weak).this song was an inspiration back then,even if you were not a smoker,you will feel like smoking weed after listening to this song.

6.Booty call-Mo hits all stars
D banj & friends are always guilty as charged when it comes to things like this.dem no dey carry last.can't really blame them as the foundation of mo hits record was built on lewd lyrics(tongolo).

7.Wine am for me-Piper/terry g
The visual for this song was neither easy on the eyes nor on the mind,that pouring water from the roof to make it look like rain scene was overboard.

8.Egbami oh-Jahborne/W4
When you start singing "open your kolo make i enter".something has to be done about it.isn't there something else to sing about.

Funny enough,all these crimes are commited by male artistes(what have the girls done to deserve this),i wonder how they will feel when a female artiste makes the naija version of how many licks or one minute man.

Personally iam tired of hearing these artistes talking but not making any sense.they are supposed to be leading by example but most of them lack creativity and sense of direction.so in all fairness,let us applaud & support NBC's operation banning by popular demand.i think they are striking the shepherd to make the sheep scatter.

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