Monday, June 8, 2009


What iam about to say will hurt a lot of people but the truth has to be told,no matter how bitter it is.recently i was *55sixing my pangolo trying to see how much cheddar i had left,next thing i see is register for mtn project fame 2.i didn't even know they were still doing all these fake reality shows/talent people still fall for this shit?you would think Nigerians will be wiser by now,but no,they prefer getting scammed day in day out.
all these shows are faker than a rolex bought in a traffic jam.ask yourself this question,has anyone ever blown up through this shows?no,nada!!!i make my money the hard way(i work for it),so i don't piss it away just like that.they say once beaten,twice shy but life is too short these days,you can't even afford been beaten once.

Nigerian are gullible(that's just the fact),that is why they keep falling for this corporate scamming thing.for example,in a normal country,a tv show like koko mansion will can you have a reality show where the participants are trying to be the ultimate kokolette,how stupid is that.a kokolette is the Nigerian version of a bitch or basically in America it will be called hoe mansion,groupie castle or jumpoff paradise,not even BET will put up the money for is so shameful that people will pay to be in this crappy shit.let me get to the musical ones cos if i should start with ultimate search today,i won't stop.

looking at all the runners up and winners from these musical tv shows,not one of them has had a great or successful career,so why are people still doing the beginning they promise you heaven and earth and you end up not even getting a fraction of it.

2002-Kc presh-Still struggling to hold their own in the industry.
2004-D jewels-No where to be found.
2006-D accord-Absent.
2008-Diamonds-Missing in action.
2009-The pulse-???????????

I think the problem with star quest is this group is clearly not working as most participants were never in a group before but just came together for the show,thats why they end up going their seperate ways(all man for himself).

Inyanya Mbuk-AWOL

Timi dakolo-Where you at?

Omawunmi(runner up)-Really working so hard to carve a niche for herself in the industry.won 2 awards recently at HHWA far she will go is yet to be determined.

The problem with project fame and west african idol is the emphasis been laid on singing just have to be a singer to get their attention.why is R&B the key?,what happened to rap,reggae,fuji,afrobeat etc.

Corporate lies used in scamming the public
(1)You will get a record deal in the US or UK.
-Sony BMG or whatever label they mention will never sign you,i doubt if they even know these guys or know anything about the show.
(2)You will become a star and sell millions of records
-The only place you will be a star is your village & your won't sell millions of records cos you might end up never releasing an album.even if you release an album you will end up going double brick.
(3)You will become rich
-Hell no,affluence is not guaranteed cos all the money you win will be spent on your recordings(which won't sell).your money will also be spent on going places you don't want to be(awards,press conferences,shows,etc)& doing things you don't want to do(buying expensive clothes & accessories you don't need).

At the end of these shows,the organisers will be smiling to the bank singing kelly hansome's hit."our magas don pay,shout halleluyah" while the participants will be right back to square one.for once these guys should try & keep it real and actually make someone a star.

NB:iam really feeling dare art alade's the most underated is totally cool.

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