Friday, June 26, 2009


"The true worth of a man is not measured by what he does for himself but by what he does for someone else".

A couple of days ago,as i turned on my radio,i heard "speechless" and i was actually speechless just thinking of how great the song was.i never knew that was the last time i would hear a micheal jackson song while he was still alive.incase you have not heard,pop idol michael jackson just died at UCLA after slumping in his los angeles home from a cardiac arrest.this has to be the greatest tragedy since 9/11.To say michael was a superstar will be an the musical world,he was a god.his 1982 album "THRILLER" still holds the record for being the highest selling album of all time.a very big achievement and a record that might never be broken.It is really quite sad to see the great M.J pass away,and millions of fans nation wide will still be reeling from the shock of his untimely death.there is never a good time to die but it would have been great if he had succeded in getting his career back on sincere condolences goes to the jackson family(janet,tito,e.t.c) cos i know it like they know that there will never be another michael.

I don't usually deal with news outside the shores of Nigeria but it is the legendary michael jackson we are talking about here.the whole world might not come to a standstill but it will be shaken to his will be great if he is remembered only for his musical achievements and contribution to music globally and not for his cosmetic surgeries & child molestation cases.a lot of questions will arise to the state of his health at the time of his death.medications,stress,e.t.c might be attributed to the cause of his death but i believe it was the thought of never achieving thriller status again that killed him.he knew he could never make another album that will surpass it and he desperately wanted to.

One thing we must remember as human beings is that death is a matter who you are,where you are or what you do,a time wll come when it will all pass to nothingness.just stop and ask yourself this question:when you die how many will mourn you & how long will they mourn you.

In Nigeria,political office holders and power brokers want to have quintillion & zillion dollars,but they keep forgetting that these things will not go to heaven or hell with them as the case may will not be remembered for the houses you built or the cars you buy,you will be remembered only for your is only your deeds while you were alive that can guarantee you invincibility & immortality.Michael jackson may be dead to the world but he remains alive to us and we will keep him in our hearts forever.

M.J-invincible,forever immortal
R.I.P MICHEAL,you were always the best.

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