Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yes,people are getting fired.but the big question is,who is next to go in big brother naija hip hop's house.for the main time there will be no more firing,but it is always better to be prepared for anything & everything.so we have drafted a list of those who are next to go in the event of a sudden change in plans.artistes whose names appear on the list below have until december 31st,2009 to release new material(singles or album) or face the consequences.for now y'all will be on probation.

I am a great fan of yours,i love your music & what you do,but if by 31st of december you still haven't put anything out,i will not hesitate to fire you.i will just be doing my job,no hard feelings,all for the greater good.lest i forget that t-pain track doesn't count cos autotune just died.

Let me briefly explain your situation to you.you are the kaboom & eddy montana of plantashun boiz.in case you are not getting it,what it means is that you are the only member of P boiz who is yet to blow up.since "hard life",you have gradually faded away and you got to the lowest point of your career with that p square beat.

3.Ruff,rugged & raw
Guys,wetin dey now.nothing from you all these while.hope say you know scores sha!.by 31st of december,we will show you the door.

4.Paul Play
Bros,whatever you do,don't make any of daddy's song again.we will understand if you can't continue .unless you have something really hot,just retire before you get fired.do not destroy all what you did with hitsville.

5.Rayan T
Something don dey par o.......!!!

I am thinking of writing something about one hit wonders,now guess who will be no 1 on the list?you guessed right(YOU).

A widi wede wedi wende,logo mi di kein kein,shogo di gi(whatever).i guess you didn't understand anything i just said(good),now you know how we feel whenever you get on the mic.i will be very suprised if you can come out with anything before D-day.ama ti e bota!!!!!.a-konga,b-konga,i-ita,f-fired(i can't wait).

8.African China
Too bad,Nigerians were vaccinated before your london fever came out(tough luck).seriously nobody wants to know whether you raped that girl or not.your personal life is none of our business.i just wanted to use this opportunity to inform you that by the end of this year,you might not even have a job people will laugh at.

9.Terry da Rapman
We know it ain't easy busting 16s but at the same time,its not that difficult.you are slipping badly my friend.if you love your work,get in the studio ASAP.

If you like rap like say you dey for jands or yarn something wey all man fit understand.the main thing na say make you rap something.time is running out.

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