Monday, June 15, 2009


It has been a great month so far,musically things are looking real good.illbliss just dropped his highly anticipated album and beazy(whom many of you may not know) just dropped his mixtape "get money,stay fly".that shit is banging,i play it everyday.but unfortunately it is copy protected so i can't share it with you guys.i would have said you should go and grab a copy but it ain't for sale(at least not yet,i got an advance copy).since i have been thinking of doing album reviews,i might just review it or review illbliss's would be a privilegde for any one of them to be the first album to be reviewed on my blog.

I just watched m.i's "safe" video and i was impressed,big ups to the little man(keep it coming).if you haven't watched that video yet please endeavor to do so right here.speaking of videos,here is a list of my highly anticipated videos.these are great songs that i can't stop imagining what the visuals would look like.
-Taboo-wande coal
-gongo aso-9ice(overdue)
-big boy-eldee(naija's swagga like us)
-fokasibe-dj zeez
-fall in love-d banj

if i get to watch all these videos these month,june will go down in history as the best month in 09.

Ikechukwu got dropped from storm records
-contrary to what you have been hearing,i got info that ikechukwu was dropped by storm records due to poor album sales.i heard they were finding it hard to recoup off killz,so they had to let him go.i wouldn't be suprised if storm put in a major bid to sign M.I.

Amplifyd breaking up
-is this good or bad news,can't really place it but i am not suprised,ever since they dropped that girl,i knew it was just a matter of time before they all went their seperate ways.

Ikechukwu moving to mo hits
-like we didn't see this coming.

Before i go,here is the follow up to the firing & probation posts,this one is for those who failed our company test woefully and would not be hired anytime soon..
5.m trill

Note:applicants are allowed to re-apply at a later date when we believe they would have improved on their individual skills.

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